Case Studies

Watch Gang's Rapid 
E-Commerce Growth Through Strategic Staffing

“The expertise and adaptability Treantly offered us, particularly through Richard’s guidance, were remarkable. He didn’t just connect us with a Shopify developer; he ensured that the professional shared our vision and dedication. This personalized approach made our e-commerce success feel like a joint victory. Treantly’s blend of professional acumen and genuine partnership is why we’ll continue to rely on them.” – Harry Ma, CEO

Case Studies

"The expertise and adaptability Treantly offered us, particularly through Richard's guidance, were remarkable. He didn't just connect us with a Shopify developer..." Read more...

- Harry Ma, CEO

"What impressed us most about Treantly was their ability to tune into our industry's unique rhythm. Victor was instrumental in this..." Read more

- John Vu, CEO

"In the whirlwind of last year, Treantly's team, especially Cara, was our calm in the storm. Her attention to detail and commitment to excellence were evident..." Read more

- Dickson Lam, Owner

"With Treantly's assistance, particularly through Angel's expertise, we've not just met our sales targets; we've exceeded them. Angel's approach wasn't transactional..." Read more

- Nathan Healy, VP Sales

"Nhia at Treantly really understood what our firm was about and the caliber of paralegal support we needed. The professionals we hired were top-notch..." Read more

- Nima Abajshir, Partner

"After exhausting efforts on Upwork with little to show for it, partnering with Treantly was a game-changer..." Read more

- Dex Diu, Owner

"Treantly's role in our operational evolution was invaluable. The project coordinator they placed with us not only exceeded our expectations in managing our CRM transition..." Read more

- Connor Paddon, CEO

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