Hire Highly-Vetted
Virtual Assistants

We help you find and retain exceptional talent from the Philippines. Starts at $7/hr, stop anytime.


Leverage our recruitment agency’s expertise to hire the top 2% of talent in the Philippines without the hassle, ensuring their retention with competitive pay and premium healthcare.

General Virtual Assistants

A lifesaver for every entrepreneur, our General Virtual Assistants manage a wide range of tasks that keep your business running smoothly.

They handle scheduling, email management, basic bookkeeping, and more, freeing you to focus on strategic growth and personal downtime.

Executive Assistants

For executives looking to maximize efficiency, our Executive Assistants are the backbone of your day-to-day operations.

They manage your schedule, handle critical communications, and prepare you for success in every meeting and decision.

Marketing Specialists

Essential for businesses aiming to cut through market noise, our Marketing Specialists develop and implement strategies that boost your visibility and engagement.

They manage social media, content creation, and digital campaigns, positioning your brand prominently in the consumer's mind.

Sales Pros

Perfect for established B2B companies, our Sales Pros enhance your team by managing CRM systems, optimizing sales pipelines, and spearheading lead generation and account management efforts.

Envision achieving industry-low costs per lead and high conversion rates.

Bookkeepers & Accountants

Our Accountants are a must for businesses that prioritize financial health. They take over all accounting responsibilities, ensuring compliance and accuracy in financial reporting, so you can focus on what you do best—running your business.

Customer Service Reps

Ideal for businesses that thrive on customer satisfaction, our Customer Service Representatives ensure every customer interaction is a positive one.

They handle inquiries and issues with empathy and efficiency, fostering loyalty and a strong customer base.

Web Developers

For companies needing strong online platforms, our Web Developers specialize in Shopify and WordPress to create attractive, functional sites that drive engagement and sales.

They ensure your digital presence not only stands out but also performs brilliantly.

Why Choose treantly

Premium Recruitment

Save time and connect directly with top talent from the Philippines, rigorously pre-screened for optimal quality and fit.


Selecting only the top 2% - skilled and English-fluent professionals adept in North American business culture.


Enjoy low rates starting at $7/hour. Our virtual assistants enjoy maximum take home pay and premium healthcare, fostering dedication and performance.


Easily scale your workforce to meet the dynamic demands of your business.

Most of our clients refer us to their circles, here's why:

What to expect

Schedule a discovery call by filling out our form. An expert will understand your challenges and tailor a recruitment strategy that fits your needs.

We'll introduce you to vetted and qualified candidates based on your specific requirements, simplifying your search for the perfect match.

Interview top candidates to assess their fit for your team, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Choose your ideal candidate, ensuring they align with your business objectives and are ready to contribute effectively from day one.

Work on your business, not
in your business

Treantly saves clients a total of


hours so far

Case Studies

"The expertise and adaptability Treantly offered us, particularly through Richard's guidance, were remarkable. He didn't just connect us with a Shopify developer..." Read more...

- Harry Ma, CEO

"What impressed us most about Treantly was their ability to tune into our industry's unique rhythm. Victor was instrumental in this..." Read more

- John Vu, CEO

"In the whirlwind of last year, Treantly's team, especially Cara, was our calm in the storm. Her attention to detail and commitment to excellence were evident..." Read more

- Dickson Lam, Owner

"With Treantly's assistance, particularly through Angel's expertise, we've not just met our sales targets; we've exceeded them. Angel's approach wasn't transactional..." Read more

- Nathan Healy, VP Sales

"Nhia at Treantly really understood what our firm was about and the caliber of paralegal support we needed. The professionals we hired were top-notch..." Read more

- Nima Abajshir, Partner

"After exhausting efforts on Upwork with little to show for it, partnering with Treantly was a game-changer..." Read more

- Dex Diu, Owner

"Treantly's role in our operational evolution was invaluable. The project coordinator they placed with us not only exceeded our expectations in managing our CRM transition..." Read more

- Connor Paddon, CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Starting with us is cost-free. We handle the sourcing and interviewing of candidates at no charge. Once you’ve chosen your ideal candidate, a refundable deposit equivalent to a 30-day payroll is required. You are billed by the hour, there are no additional fees. Our rate starts at $7 per hour.

While Upwork is a valuable resource for talent, it requires time and expertise to sift through applications. Our local recruitment team in the Philippines enables us to thoroughly evaluate candidates’ backgrounds and circumstances to find the best candidates. We facilitate their integration into your operations and oversee their performance post-hire. Our in-depth knowledge of the local workforce often allows us to secure the most competitive rates, saving our clients money while maximizing pay for the staff.

Yes, we offer a one-week guarantee. If you decide our services aren’t the right fit within that period, we’ll refund your deposit and waive your bill.

While you have the flexibility to discontinue our services at any point, most roles come with a minimum commitment of 30 hours per week. We prioritize the well-being of our staff, many of whom rely heavily on their earnings. Providing them with stable employment ensures their dedication to your business and clientele.

Your remote hire works your preferred time zone, ensuring seamless collaboration.

The significant majority portion of your hourly fee directly compensates the staff. The hourly fee you pay provides for a competitive salary and top-tier private healthcare.

We are committed to sourcing top-tier candidates and ensuring our staff receives timely compensation for their dedication. The deposit is fully refundable as long as no outstanding invoices are due.

While vacation days aren’t obligatory, we highly recommend them. We offer a rebate of up to 50% for paid vacation days.

The Philippines offers an ideal blend of cost-effectiveness, English proficiency, cultural compatibility, integrity, and talent availability. Many prominent US Fortune 500 companies utilize virtual assistance from the Philippines.

Absolutely! We can recruit entire teams and even establish a branded office for you in the Philippines.

All our employees sign a confidentiality agreement. They are motivated by job security and have no incentive to breach trust. For clients with specific privacy and security needs, we offer a bespoke office solution with onsite security.

We maintain regular communication to ensure the collaboration is fruitful. If, for any reason, the partnership isn’t working, we’re prepared to find a suitable replacement.

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Hire Highly-Vetted
Virtual Assistants

Unlock global talent effortlessly with Treantly. Leveraging a dedicated team in the Philippines, we connect you to elite candidates. Experience premium recruitment. Starts at $7/hr.

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Leverage Treantly’s secure office studios for your offshore offices in the Philippines.