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South Florida Law Boosts Efficiency by 30% with Legal Support

“Nhia at Treantly really understood what our firm was about and the caliber of paralegal support we needed. The professionals we hired were top-notch, significantly enhancing our productivity and allowing our attorneys to concentrate on higher-value activities. It’s partnerships like this that reinforce our commitment to excellence and our trust in Treantly’s services.” 

Nima Abajshir, Partner


South Florida Law, PLLC, a distinguished law firm specializing in real estate, litigation, and corporate law, recognized the need to enhance its legal and administrative capabilities to maintain high-quality service and manage an increasing client load. To achieve this, they partnered with Treantly to onboard two skilled paralegals, focusing on optimizing legal processes, improving client communication, and administrative efficiency.

Enhanced Legal and Administrative Support

Specialized Legal Assistance

  • The paralegals, with expertise in the firm's core areas, supported case preparation, document drafting, and legal research, utilizing tools like LexisNexis for comprehensive legal insights and Westlaw for accurate and timely legal precedents.
  • They played a critical role in drafting and reviewing documents related to real estate transactions, litigation pleadings, and corporate compliance, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and adherence to legal standards.

Administrative Efficiency and Organization

  • Administrative support included organizing client files, maintaining an up-to-date record-keeping system using legal software like Clio Manage, and ensuring the efficient retrieval of information.
  • They were instrumental in updating corporate minutes, managing legal documentation, and streamlining communication channels, utilizing platforms like Slack for internal coordination and MyCase for client interactions.

Tangible Outcomes of Paralegal Contribution

  • The addition of paralegals led to a 30% improvement in case processing time, enabling attorneys to focus on strategy and client engagement.
  • Enhanced document management and organization practices reduced file retrieval times by half, significantly increasing daily operational efficiency.
  • The firm maintained its stellar reputation for quality, as evidenced by consistent positive Google reviews, reflecting client satisfaction with the thoroughness and responsiveness of service.


  • Optimized Legal Processes: The firm experienced streamlined case preparation and management, allowing for a higher volume of cases to be handled without compromising on the quality of legal services.
  • Administrative Excellence: Improved file management and administrative practices ensured that all client information was meticulously organized and easily accessible, fostering an environment of efficiency and precision.
  • Client Satisfaction and Firm Reputation: The paralegals’ contributions were pivotal in maintaining the firm’s high standards of service, as reflected in untouched positive Google reviews, demonstrating the firm’s commitment to excellence and client trust.


By integrating two proficient paralegals into their team, South Florida Law, PLLC, significantly enhanced its operational efficiency and legal support capacity. These strategic hires allowed the firm to manage its growing workload more effectively, uphold its commitment to quality legal services, and maintain its esteemed reputation in a competitive market. Through this collaboration with Treantly, the firm demonstrated how targeted support roles could drive efficiency while preserving the quality of client outcomes.

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