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EFFYDESK Scales Service, 4X Support Amid Surge

“In the whirlwind of last year, Treantly’s team, especially Cara, was our calm in the storm. Her attention to detail and commitment to excellence were evident in the quality of customer service representatives she helped onboard for us. Cara’s support didn’t end at recruitment; she stayed involved, ensuring the CSRs adapted well and thrived. That level of care and dedication is rare and invaluable.” – Dickson Lam, Owner


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the shift toward remote work led to an unprecedented surge in demand for home office furniture, particularly standing desks. EFFYDESK, a company specializing in ergonomic office solutions, experienced this boom first-hand. To manage the increased volume of customer inquiries and orders, EFFYDESK proactively hired seven customer service representatives (CSRs) to ensure their customer service remained responsive and efficient.

Strategic Expansion and Enhanced Customer Service:

Timely Recruitment of Customer Service Representatives:

  • EFFYDESK identified the need to scale its customer support team rapidly to address the growing customer base and their inquiries.
  • The company onboarded seven CSRs with expertise in product knowledge, order fulfillment processes, and customer engagement to handle the increased workload effectively.

Streamlining Customer Inquiry and Support Processes:

  • The new CSRs were equipped with comprehensive training and resources to address a wide range of customer queries, from product features to order status and delivery timelines.
  • They implemented a structured approach to manage and prioritize customer tickets, ensuring timely and accurate responses.

Ensuring Timely Product Fulfillment:

  • The CSRs played a crucial role in coordinating with the logistics and warehouse teams, monitoring inventory levels, and ensuring orders were processed and dispatched without delay.
  • They provided customers with regular updates on their order status, fostering transparency and trust.

Direct Outcomes

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: The expanded team enabled EFFYDESK to maintain a high level of customer interaction, even during peak demand periods, ensuring that customer inquiries were addressed within a few hours of receipt.
  • Increased Order Processing Efficiency: With the CSRs facilitating better communication between sales and fulfillment teams, EFFYDESK saw a notable improvement in the speed of order processing, contributing to a higher rate of on-time deliveries.
  • Positive Customer Feedback: The improved responsiveness and efficiency of the customer service team led to an increase in positive customer reviews and a decrease in the number of follow-up issues or complaints.
  • Sustained Sales Momentum: By ensuring that customer service and fulfillment operations could keep pace with sales, EFFYDESK maintained its sales momentum throughout the pandemic, fulfilling thousands of orders without significant delays or service disruptions.


The strategic decision to hire seven additional CSRs allowed EFFYDESK to adeptly manage a surge in demand while upholding its commitment to exceptional customer service. This investment in human resources proved pivotal in navigating the challenges posed by the pandemic, ensuring that the company could capitalize on the increased interest in home office solutions and build lasting customer relationships.

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