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Watch Gang's Rapid E-Commerce Growth Through Strategic Staffing

“The expertise and adaptability Treantly offered us, particularly through Richard’s guidance, were remarkable. He didn’t just connect us with a Shopify developer; he ensured that the professional shared our vision and dedication. This personalized approach made our e-commerce success feel like a joint victory. Treantly’s blend of professional acumen and genuine partnership is why we’ll continue to rely on them.”

Harry Ma


To enhance their e-commerce platform’s functionality and customer engagement, Watch Gang partnered with a Shopify developer virtual assistant from Treantly. Their goal was to refine the website’s user experience, improve operational efficiency, and boost sales through targeted, technical interventions.

Key Contributions

User Experience Overhaul​

  • Revamped critical website sections, reducing average page load time from 8 seconds to under 3 seconds, crucial for retaining the attention of modern consumers.
  • Reworked the navigation structure to streamline the user journey, reducing the average number of clicks to reach a checkout from 5 to 2.

Performance and SEO Optimization

  • Implemented technical SEO strategies, moving Watch Gang's key product pages from page 3 to the top 5 search results on Google, significantly increasing visibility.
  • Enhanced mobile responsiveness, leading to a 70% increase in mobile traffic engagement and a 50% uptick in mobile conversions.

Data Analytics and Marketing Precision

  • Integrated advanced data tracking tools, allowing the marketing team to attribute a 35% increase in campaign ROI directly to improved targeting and personalization.
  • Leveraged website analytics to refine content strategy, increasing time spent on site by an average of 2 minutes per visitor, indicating heightened engagement and interest.

Direct Outcomes

  • Checkout Process Efficiency: Refined checkout flow, reducing cart abandonment by 45% and increasing completed purchases by over 1,000 transactions per month.
  • Customer Inquiries Management: Automated response systems reduced average customer inquiry response time from 24 hours to 1 hour, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Operational Time Savings: By automating routine updates and maintenance tasks, the assistant saved the team approximately 20 hours of manual work each week.


The Shopify developer virtual assistant from Treantly catalyzed significant enhancements across Watch Gang’s e-commerce platform. By focusing on user experience, performance optimization, and data-driven marketing, the virtual assistant enabled Watch Gang to realize notable gains in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and sales performance, demonstrating the substantial value of targeted technical expertise in e-commerce.

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