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Palmetto's Solar Sales Surge with Focused Seasonal Staffing

“With Treantly’s assistance, particularly through Angel’s expertise, we’ve not just met our sales targets; we’ve exceeded them. Angel’s approach wasn’t transactional; he was as invested in our mission to promote clean energy as we are. The sales representatives he introduced became catalysts for change, embodying our ethos and driving our growth.” 

Nathan Healy, VP Sales


Palmetto, a leader in the clean energy sector, aimed to expand its market reach and adoption rate by intensifying its door-to-door sales efforts. Recognizing the need for a dedicated and persuasive sales team to engage potential customers directly, Palmetto partnered with Treantly to hire three specialized sales representatives. These representatives were tasked with educating homeowners on the benefits of solar energy, overcoming objections, and significantly shortening the sales cycle through persistent follow-up.

Strategic Sales Force Integration and Execution

Targeted Recruitment and Training:

  • Treantly sourced and onboarded three sales representatives with proven experience in direct sales and a passion for sustainability, aligning with Palmetto's mission.
  • Comprehensive training was provided, focusing on product knowledge, sales tactics, and the importance of persistence and tailored customer engagement.

Persistent Engagement and Follow-Up Strategy:

  • Understanding the customer journey in the solar industry, the sales reps adopted a methodical approach, making up to five follow-up contacts with each potential customer to address concerns, provide additional information, and secure commitment.
  • This strategy aimed to educate homeowners thoroughly, build trust, and significantly reduce the time from initial contact to appointment booking.

Adapting to Seasonal Variations

  • The flexibility of Treantly's model allowed Palmetto to scale its sales force up or down based on seasonal demand, optimizing resource allocation and maintaining momentum during peak periods.

Tangible Outcomes

  • Increased Appointment Bookings: The diligent follow-up process and enhanced customer engagement led to a 40% increase in the number of appointments booked compared to previous periods.
  • Sales Cycle Reduction: The targeted efforts of the sales reps reduced the average sales cycle by three weeks, accelerating the transition from initial contact to installation.
  • Significant Sales Growth: Within the first six months, Palmetto witnessed a 25% increase in closed sales, directly attributable to the enhanced door-to-door strategy and the efforts of the dedicated sales team.
  • Seasonal Flexibility Benefits: Leveraging Treantly’s adaptable hiring model, Palmetto efficiently managed its workforce in response to seasonal sales fluctuations, ensuring sustained growth and cost-effectiveness.


The strategic decision to hire three specialized sales representatives through Treantly enabled Palmetto to deepen its market penetration and accelerate consumer adoption of solar energy solutions. The representatives’ persistent engagement and tailored follow-up strategies were instrumental in shortening the sales cycle and boosting sales figures, demonstrating the value of a flexible and dedicated sales force in the dynamic energy sector.

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