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Sigma Motor Group's Outreach Boost with Targeted Sales Team

“What impressed us most about Treantly was their ability to tune into our industry’s unique rhythm. Victor was instrumental in this; he didn’t just hear our needs—he listened. The sales reps he found for us were not just employees; they were extensions of our core team, passionate and driven. This is the kind of synergy that breeds true success.”

John Vu


Sigma Motor Group, renowned for its premium automotive offerings, aimed to enhance its B2B outreach and forge substantial partnerships within the hospitality industry. Recognizing the untapped potential in synergizing with luxury hotel chains to offer exclusive guest experiences, Sigma Motor Group decided to onboard two seasoned B2B appointment sales representatives specialized in the automotive and hospitality sectors.

Strategic Hiring and Impactful Collaboration

Strategic Sales Team Expansion

  • Sigma Motor Group strategically recruited two experienced B2B sales representatives with robust backgrounds in automotive sales and hospitality partnerships.
  • These professionals were tasked with identifying and engaging potential hotel partners, presenting tailored proposals that underscored the mutual benefits of collaboration.

Cultivating the Partnership

  • After meticulous market research and networking, the sales representatives initiated discussions with a prominent hotel group known for its high-end customer base and experiential travel offerings.
  • They crafted a compelling pitch that highlighted how Sigma Motor Group's premium vehicles could enhance the hotel's tour services, offering guests an unparalleled travel experience.

Finalizing the Deal

  • The sales reps successfully negotiated a partnership where the hotel group would incorporate Sigma Motor Group's vehicles into its luxury tour packages, providing guests with the option to explore in style and comfort.
  • They established clear metrics for success, including vehicle usage rates, customer satisfaction scores, and the financial parameters of the partnership.

Tangible Outcomes

  • New Revenue Stream: This partnership introduced a significant new revenue channel for Sigma Motor Group, with an initial fleet of 20 vehicles being rented out, increasing monthly vehicle usage by over 30%.
  • Brand Enhancement: Collaborating with a reputable hotel group elevated Sigma Motor Group’s brand, associating it with luxury travel experiences and broadening its market reach.
  • Operational Synergies: The partnership streamlined logistical operations, with the hotel group handling on-ground coordination, allowing Sigma Motor Group to focus on vehicle quality and customer experience.
  • Customer Feedback: Early feedback from hotel guests highlighted the added value of having premium transportation options, reflecting positively on both the hotel and Sigma Motor Group.


By strategically expanding their sales team, Sigma Motor Group not only secured a lucrative partnership but also positioned itself as a pivotal player in the luxury travel ecosystem. This collaboration underscores the effectiveness of targeted B2B sales initiatives in unlocking new markets and driving business growth, demonstrating the significant impact of well-chosen human capital investments in expanding a company’s horizons

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