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OnSched's Operational Transformation with Treantly's Project Manager

“Treantly’s role in our opoerational evolution was invaluable. The project coordinator they placed with us not only exceeded our expectations in managing our CRM transition but also demonstrated leadership that propelled them to a project manager role. This transition was a critical moment for OnSched, and thanks to Treantly, it was executed flawlessly.” 

Nima Abajshir, Partner


OnSched, an online booking software provider, faced a pivotal period of change as they decided to switch their CRM system to enhance operational efficiency and customer service. To navigate this transition successfully, they partnered with Treantly to hire a project coordinator, who would play a critical role in this operational shift.

Seamless Talent Integration and Growth

OnSched needed a project coordinator capable of overseeing the CRM transition, ensuring minimal disruption to their services. Treantly provided a talented individual whose expertise and dedication led to a rapid promotion to project manager, reflecting their significant contributions to the project’s success.

Impact and Results

  • Completed the CRM transition on schedule, with the project manager successfully coordinating all phases of the switch within the planned six-month period.
  • Maintained uninterrupted client service and support during the CRM system overhaul, reflecting the project manager’s effective planning and execution.
  • Post-transition, OnSched experienced enhanced system reliability and user experience, supporting both staff and client needs more effectively.


The strategic hiring and subsequent promotion of a project coordinator through Treantly were instrumental in OnSched’s successful CRM transition, illustrating the impact of right talent placement on organizational growth and operational excellence.

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