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Dr. DexFit's Followers Soar from 4K to 20K with Enhanced Engagement

“After exhausting efforts on Upwork with little to show for it, partnering with Treantly was a game-changer. Their ability to quickly align me with professionals who understood my brand ethos and audience transformed my social media strategy and led to substantial growth.”  Dex Diu, Owner


Dr. DexFit aimed to expand his influence in the fitness industry via Instagram but found his efforts hampered by the inefficiencies of sifting through numerous candidates on Upwork. In search of a more streamlined and effective solution, he turned to Treantly, initiating a partnership that would catalyze his follower growth from 4,000 to nearly 20,000.

Targeted Social Media and Engagement Plan

Through Treantly, Dr. DexFit connected with a skilled graphic designer to elevate his visual content and a customer support specialist to engage with his rapidly expanding follower base. This team approach enabled a comprehensive enhancement of his social media strategy and audience interaction.

Impact and Results

  • Boosted Instagram followers from 4,000 – 20,000
  • Streamlined audience engagement and content strategy, amplifying reach and interaction.
  • Saved significant time and resources previously lost to inefficient freelancer searches on Upwork.


By transitioning from the cumbersome hiring processes of Upwork to Treantly’s targeted support, Dr. Dexfit not only enhanced his social media presence but also achieved a marked increase in followers, demonstrating the value of specialized, cohesive team support in digital brand expansion.

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