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Sales Pros

Boost your sales strategy with Treantly’s vetted virtual sales pros at $8.50/hr. Connect with top-tier professionals to elevate your business’s performance.

Virtual Sales Pros

Our Virtual Sales Pros enhance your sales strategy by managing leads and researching new opportunities, making your sales efforts more effective.

Our team, comprised of skilled callers fluent in English with extensive experience in large call centers servicing Fortune 500 companies, cold calls 200 prospects daily. They diligently follow up with these leads at least five times to secure appointments, efficiently managing the sales pipeline to foster growth.

Leveraging their expertise, our team conducts in-depth market research to uncover valuable sales opportunities. This strategic approach keeps your business competitive and at the forefront of innovation.

Our lead generators are adept at navigating platforms such as Apollo, LinkedIn, and SmartLead. They excel in identifying and pursuing high-quality leads, ensuring a steady influx of opportunities for your business.

With experienced account managers who have represented tech brands like Ring Central and Hertz across various industries, our team excels in building and nurturing client relationships. Their capability to maintain lasting partnerships and cultivate a loyal customer base is a cornerstone of our service, contributing significantly to your business's success.

With Treantly’s Virtual Sales Pros, your sales processes are optimized, creating a seamless pathway to achieving and surpassing your sales goals.

Most of our clients refer us to their circles, here's why:

Our Vetting Process



An initial check for alignment with client needs based on past experiences and achievements.



Candidates answer task-oriented questions to evaluate their technical skills and role suitability.



A session with at least two experts to assess communication and professional expertise, including behavioral analysis to ensure compatibility with client cultures.


Second Round

Conducted with management or founders to gauge candidates’ work motivation, further filtering for dedication and alignment.



Two professional references are required early on, ensuring quality and reliability.



After these steps, we compile and send a refined CV and introduction video to clients, offering a comprehensive view of the candidate for informed decision-making.

Happy Assistants are Productive Assistants


Treantly conducts thorough market compensation research to ensure salaries are competitive, aiming to attract and retain top talent by offering the best rates possible.


Assistants receive top-tier healthcare plans through Maxicare, known for its comprehensive coverage and exceptional service, emphasizing the importance of staff well-being.

Take-Home Pay

The company believes in minimal deductions from salaries, ensuring that the majority of compensation goes directly to the staff, making them feel valued and fairly compensated.


Work-life balance is emphasized with rebates provided to clients for staff vacation days, ensuring team members can recharge and maintain productivity.

These benefits ensure that assistants are well-compensated and motivated, which helps provide your business with committed and effective support.

How much can you save when
you hire with Treantly?​

Up to 70% Savings


Starts @ $1,120/mo

Other Agencies

Starts @ $2,000/mo

Domestic Hire

$3,000 – 4,000/mo

Why Choose treantly

Premium Recruitment Service

Our recruitment service connects businesses with top talent from the Philippines, using a trusted network and an on-the-ground team for thorough candidate evaluation and screening, ensuring high-quality talent and rates.

High Quality

Treantly hires the top 2% of talent experienced with North American companies, fluent in English, and culturally adept. Our rigorous selection with background checks and system evaluations ensures seamless integration of the best remote staff into your teams


We enable businesses to cut overhead by up to 80% with rates from $7/hour through Philippine outsourcing, providing strategic savings, access to global talent, competitive salaries, and top-tier healthcare for a focused team delivering exceptional results.


Treantly offers scalable solutions, allowing businesses to flexibly adjust team sizes from 1 to 100 within a month to meet evolving needs. This flexibility facilitates easy alignment of staffing with growth objectives, enhancing analytical and operational capabilities.

Our Clients

Navigate Global Talent with Ease​

Hire Highly-Vetted
Virtual Assistants

Unlock global talent effortlessly with Treantly. Leveraging a dedicated team in the Philippines, we connect you to elite candidates. Experience premium recruitment. Starts at $7/hr.

Secure Office Studios

Leverage Treantly’s secure office studios for your offshore offices in the Philippines.